About Our Shop


Everyone loves fresh baked cookies. But not everyone likes the same type of cookie. I want to give everyone their favorite cookie, fresh baked, whenever they want.

My name is Alexandria Rich and I am the Owner and Bakery Manager of Get Your Cookie On. My passion for cookies began back in 2009. I became interested in the science of baking – how different amounts and types of ingredients could create different textures and flavors. I dilly-daddled around for a couple of years at a community college trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life and, in January 2011, started at the University of Central Florida pursuing a Bachelor’s in Hospitality Management. Upon my graduation in December of 2013, I got a job as a bakery manager where, for about a year and a half, my love for baking exploded. After leaving that job, I realized that I wanted a bakery of my own. And thus I began the overwhelming process of starting a business –researching ingredient functions to figure out why my cookies kept turning out as thin as paper, testing and retesting recipes (my family’s favorite part), filling out all of the state’s paperwork for starting a new business, making a lot of lists and spreadsheets to figure out pricing, and constantly reminding myself that God’s plan is better than mine and I should not be discouraged.  

My goal at Get Your Cookie On is to make your life easier and still delicious. To me, cookies are more than the refrigerated tubes of dough or prepacked cookies you buy at the store (I am not saying I never buy those though…); cookies are letting your kids “help” without the mess, or taking cookies to your new neighbor, or letting your grandkids organize the Christmas cookie plate full of all of their favorites.

They say smells, more than any other sense, can trigger emotions and memories. Let me fill your house and your memories with fresh baked cookies – minus the mess!